Cincinnati, OH

Skin Type
Dry to Normal

Skin Sensitivity

ULTRA Sensitive

Medium (I tan but occasionally burn.)

Hair Type


Hair Texture
Very Thick, Very Wavy

Hair Color


Hair Treatments
Highlights and Lowlights

Eye Color


Eye Sensitivity
Slightly Sensitive

Beauty Details

My Beauty Goal
I want to age gracefully for as long as I can!

My Beauty Regimen

I am constantly searching for a way to shorten my routine, but with this incredibly thick hair it is a constant fight!

My Biggest Beauty Triumph
I have extremely dry and sensitive skin which is not a good combination when trying to find a body lotion that works. I set out on a mission this year to find the right lotion for me, without worrying about the consequences of my sensitive skin. I finally found my match in Abbey Brown Chamomile Body Butter! Finding this lotion/body butter was a huge beauty success for me!

My Biggest Beauty Frustration

My hair has been a major frustration to me since I had my son last year. I have always had wave, but now it seems I officially have curly hair. I have worn my hair straight for 20 years and now I cannot get it to cooperate! So now I am on another beauty mission to find the perfect shampoo, conditioner and other product combinations to make my hair straight again.

My Reviews
I want to be very relatable and try to answer questions about the products that you want to ask, but don't!
Shannon's Bio

Welcome to! My name is Shannon, and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband and our two young children. I am a mom with a busy life, but even though life is busy, I still make time for beauty. It has always been an important part of my day since I was a young girl. My mother always told me taking care of my skin would keep the wrinkles away and to always look presentable because you never know who you are going to run into. Not only did she pass along this great advice, but she also passed along her love of all things beauty!

Even though I have always been passionate about beauty products and fashion, I didn’t grow up near a metropolitan area, so I felt at a bit of a disadvantage as far as trends go. I still sometimes feel I need a little reassurance when I am going out on the town with my husband or friends. I have gotten so much better about this with each birthday, but I wish had been around when I was growing up. A site like this one would have helped me find out what products “my friends” were using and where to locate the products near or in my small community. We always had the fashion magazines to look to, but I never felt I could relate to the people suggesting the products. Having a voice I could relate to would have encouraged me to step out into the world with more confidence.

Enjoy our site, and I hope we help you find the products to make you feel beautiful and confident!!

Shannon's Articles

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Hey everyone! I am back with my experiences and opinions from my Beauty Bar Adventure! I was curious to find out if going to a Beauty Bar (a place where they only do blowouts or style your hair and/or your makeup) was better than going to a regular salon and/or a department store cosmetics counter to get ready for a night out or special event.

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