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Shannon’s Review: ZENMED AVT Cream

I really think that when ZENMED skincare was created that they had me in mind!  I have never had a reaction to any of their products I have tested to date (knock on wood) and this includes the most recently tested , ZENMED AVT Cream.  This is absolutely unheard of as far as my skin is concerned!  It is a miracle!

If I was going to have a reaction I was convinced the ZENMED AVT Cream was going to be the product to do it.  I thought this because it isn’t oil-free and has a thicker consistency than any of the other products from their line that I have tried.  Surprisingly this has turned out to be one of my favorite ZENMED products.

Even though this moisturizer is on the thicker side, I didn’t experience any greasiness!  I noticed after using the ZENMED AVT Cream for about a week that my skin looked so much more refreshed and my dark spots appeared to have faded substantially.  I am not sure if I looked any younger from using this product, but there is no doubt my skin looked much healthier!

The other great thing about the ZENMED AVT Cream is its affordability!  Right now you can get three tubes of this amazing moisturizer for just over $100.  In my experience it is almost impossible to find a product like this in other brands for less than $100 let alone three!

I ran out of the ZENMED AVT Cream close to a week ago, and I can already tell a negative difference in my skin!  Momma needs a refill, stat!!  Thank you ZENMED for always keeping us sensitive skin folks in mind when creating your products!  You are a lifesaver!

How I rated it...

  • 5 Would I recommend this product to my friends?
    I cannot wait to tell everyone how much I love this product!
  • 5 Is this product worth its price?
    This product’s exceptional performance outweighs its cost.
  • 4 Does this product perform as advertised?
    This product delivers most of the desired results.
  • 5 Will I continue to use this product?
    I will definitely replenish this product.
  • 5 My overall experience with this product?
    I enjoy using this product and its results are extraordinary.