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Sarah’s Review: ZENMED SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen

People have varying degrees of sunscreen discipline, and mine needs improvement.  I often bask with little more than what’s in my BB Cream.  ZENMED SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen is made for your face, and it really protects.  I put it on my face, and my children’s faces prior to a marathon pool day.  We came home unscathed, so that is test number one.

This product felt a lot like zinc, and it took some work to rub it in.  It did disappear into the skin after some massaging, though this did not bother me because I felt protected.  This is billed as more natural sunscreen, though any sunscreens approved by the FDA are safe for your skin.  But if you have extreme sensitivities, this would be a good thing to try.  $34.95 is a bit steep for a sunscreen, however, it would last a while on your face.  There are some specials offered on the site, so you can buy 3 and get 1 free.  I did not see any breakouts after using the sunscreen, so I do believe that it is a good bet for persnickety skin.

I think it’s unfortunate that ZENMED is not easy to find in stores, because I enjoyed the sunscreen, and would replenish my supply.

How I rated it...

  • 4 Would I recommend this product to my friends?
    I really like this product and will spread the word.
  • 3 Is this product worth its price?
    It does the job, but similar products may be less expensive.
  • 4 Does this product perform as advertised?
    This product delivers most of the desired results.
  • 4 Will I continue to use this product?
    I like this product enough to continue using it.
  • 4 My overall experience with this product?
    This product is useful and it improved my beauty regimen.