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Michelle’s Review: ZENMED Oil-Free Day Lotion

“Troubled skin needs specialized moisture,” the ZENMED experts say, and I believe them 100%. When you have sensitive skin it can be nerve wracking finding a facial product that won’t make you look like you are going through puberty again. I promise you that the  ZENMED Oil-Free Day Lotion will put you at ease when lathering up your face.

I found this product to be very safe and very calming for my skin. Can I hear a HALLELUJAH! I actually was a bit disappointed when it ran out. My face hardly broke out during the entire time that I tested it. That is rare! A full four weeks of minimal blemishes.

It’s a simple lotion. White in color with a mild scent that isn’t offensive at all.  It’s water based and very lightweight. Simple yet packed with lots of vitamin B5 and E. They have taken the bad stuff out but left all of the good stuff in. Gone are the parabens, synthetic scents, dyes, animal ingredients, and pore clogging ingredients. It’s a product worth trying… especially if you break out, because “ZIT” happens.


How I rated it...

  • 4 Would I recommend this product to my friends?
    I really like this product and will spread the word.
  • 4 Is this product worth its price?
    This product’s results justify its cost.
  • 5 Does this product perform as advertised?
    This product delivers all of the desired results.
  • 4 Will I continue to use this product?
    I like this product enough to continue using it.
  • 4 My overall experience with this product?
    This product is useful and it improved my beauty regimen.