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Jack Black Nourishing Oil is a gender neutral product that promises to handle lots of hydration concerns from skin care to hair care to shaving. Those of us who liked it thought it was best for shaving and body moisture.

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Jack Black Nourishing Oil can be used anywhere and everywhere, but I love it most as a body oil. It moisturizes quickly and leaves skin feeling powdery soft.

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So many different uses and so little time, Jack Black Nourishing Oil is a multi-tasker. 10 oils blended together to make one lovely product. Some places I liked it and others I loved it. It's a keeper for sure.

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Oils are hot, but save this one for your man. Jack Black Nourishing Oil smells faintly masculine, so you'll appreciate it on someone else.

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Jack Black Nourishing Oil makes big claims but was unable to deliver on any of them. Skip this one and look elsewhere for "epic moisture."

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10 multi-purpose benefits for skin and hair.

This sheer, multi-tasking oil provides immediate benefits to skin and hair. The lightweight, quick-penetrating blend of 10 natural oils infuses skin and hair with intensive moisture plus potent antioxidants, essential nutrients and fatty acids for a healthy, improved appearance.

For facial and body skin: The lightweight but concentrated formula penetrates deeply to soothe skin, and help relieve irritation, dryness and flakiness. Organic Moringa Seed Oil provides anti-aging and firming benefits, while a powerful combination of antioxidant-rich Argan Oil, Organic Marula Seed and Grape Seed oils helps reinforce skin’s natural defenses, soothe redness, and restore elasticity and suppleness.

For hair: The versatile, nourishing treatment can be used as a conditioning, styling or finishing tool. Argan Oil, in combination with Plum Seed, Olive Fruit and Jojoba Oil, smoothes hair, improves shine, and reduces frizz.

For shaving: Provides exceptional moisturization and soothing benefits when used as a pre-shave preparation or as a stand-alone shaving oil.

For men: Ideal as a leave-on conditioner and grooming aid for facial hair, including beard, moustache, or goatee.


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