Review: Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops

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The b spot girls didn’t have much luck with Clinique BIY. No matter how much time and effort we spent blending and applying, the flawless finish we were hoping for never appeared. The concept is appealing, but the results aren’t worth the expense.

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Each day was a surprise when I tested Clinique BIY. The shades I developed at my sink while mixing these pigment drops with my moisturizer were never the same twice.

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I have never been a DIY kind of gal and I have discovered I am not a BIY gal either. Clinique BIY Build It Yourself Pigment Drops just didn't work for me.

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You know what's inconvenient? Blending and putting on makeup and then putting on makeup to conceal the fact that you just put on makeup and can't see it. Just no.

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Don’t waste your time on Clinique BIY. I enjoy a good DIY project, but not when it comes to my makeup.

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Benefits: Natural skin-perfecting look,Even Skin Tone
Skin Types: All
Transform your favorite moisturizer into a BB, CC or fuller-coverage foundation. One drop of Clinique BIY™ Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops creates sheer cover. Two or three, a flawless finish. Since Clinique BIY takes on the finish of the moisturizer you blend it with, expect a more matte finish with a mattifying moisturizer. Or a more dewy, radiant finish when blended with a moisturizer that contains optics.

How to Use

Choose a moisturizer to give skin the treatment it needs and the finish you want.

Find your shade of Clinique BIY and shake well.

No need to squeeze—simply tap bottle for a single drop.

1 drop = sheer,
2 drops = medium,
3 drops = fuller coverage.

Blend well.


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