Review: Chanel Mousse Douceur Rinse-Off Foaming Mousse Cleanser

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Chanel Mousse Douceur removes makeup with a rich foaming lather, but most b spot girls agree you can find similar products with similar results for less.

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Chanel Mousse Douceur is an outstanding cleanser. I was amazed at how well it removed makeup while leaving my skin feeling clean and comfortable. I would happily award this product with 5 stars, but it stings my eyes.

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I'm no stranger to Chanel. This line has always been close to my heart. But Chanel Mousse Douceur I can live without. Yes, I just said that about a Chanel product... sniff, sniff. (might need therapy after this review)

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Nothing to get excited about here. A nice cleanser with an insane price tag. Talk about an easy product to swap out! Save your cash for skincare that will give you results.

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The Chanel Mousse Douceur is a nice cleanser with an excellent lather, but it doesn’t really stand out otherwise. There are definitely similar products without the Chanel price.

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This rinse-off foaming mousse cleanser and makeup remover gently purifies while respecting skin’s eco-balance, with moisturizing effects. For normal-to-combination skin.


With wax-covered leaves that trap pollutants, the Tulip Tree has been planted worldwide for its anti-pollution effect. Taken from these leaves, Tulip Tree Extract removes impurities caused by pollution with a unique cleansing action boosted by Bioglucane, an ingredient that helps balance skin without stripping its natural barrier. Mallow Extract balances and softens with its emollient properties.


Use MOUSSE DOUCEUR in the morning and evening. Work into a foam with a little water in the palm of the hand, then apply to damp face and neck with circular movements. Avoid the eye area and rinse well. Follow with LOTION DOUCEUR Gentle Hydrating Toner.


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