Fort Worth, TX

Skin Type

Skin Sensitivity



Hair Type


Hair Texture
Fine and Curly

Hair Color

Light Brown

Hair Treatments
Highlights and Lowlights

Eye Color

Baby Blue

Eye Sensitivity
Very Sensitive

Beauty Details

My Beauty Goal
Age gracefully.

My Beauty Regimen

I’m not worried about simplicity when it comes to skin care. I could put on layers and layers of moisturizers, serums and eye cream. BUT when it comes to my makeup, I want quick and easy.

My Biggest Beauty Triumph
Loving myself flaws and all. I need to do what I can, within reason, with the things I can change but accept the things that I was born with or that age or childbirth has graced me with. True beauty comes from within and isn’t just skin deep.

My Greatest Beauty Frustration

Uneven skin tone from sun exposure and breakouts! My freckles make me frown.

My Reviews
I will tell you what is on my mind and I will be as direct as possible. I might add a little humor but don't let that distract you from the seriousness of my message. I want this website to be a place where our readers know they are getting an honest and thorough critique.
Michelle's Bio

I’m a mother of 3! Let’s face it, I am busy! I’m a chef, chauffeur, referee, nurse, psychologist, teacher, mentor, mind reader, librarian, Marine sergeant, therapist and a shoulder to cry on! But being busy is no excuse for not looking good! When I look good, I feel good and when I feel good, I have more confidence. When I’m more confident, I accomplish much more during the day.

It’s important for a woman to take care of herself and be happy. When this is accomplished everything else falls into place. Women often take care of everyone around them first, take care of themselves last, and by that time we’re too exhausted to care. This can turn into a disaster! is a place where women of all ages can come together to find a happy medium. It’s a never ending process trying to figure out the products that are a MUST HAVE and ruling out the ones that are just a big waste of time and money. LET US DO THIS FOR YOU!

A woman needs a moment of peace several times a day. For me it’s locking myself in my bathroom and treating myself to SPA À LA MICHELLE! I have my routine and I don’t like to be disturbed! I can close the door and not think about anything but myself for a while. It may only be 20 minutes with 3 babies, but that 20 minutes can make a huge difference. I take a bath (with an occasional MOMosa during the evenings), shave my legs, pamper myself, and do my typical daily beauty regimen with makeup and beauty products. This is essential. When I accomplish this I have a better attitude during the day. Taking even a short amount of time to make yourself feel and look better can go a long way.

Coco Chanel said it perfectly! “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

Michelle's Articles

The Winter Blues – How to Make This Your Seasonal Hue

Blue makeup can be very intimidating to some. It started its trend way back in the Victorian period when a bluish tinge to the eyelid was considered beautiful. This still holds true, though there have been so many questions and considerations through the years. Who looks good in blue makeup? Is there an age limit to this hue? Is it dated? Is it “in” or is it “out”?

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Shining Some Light on SPF

Is it just me or are there times you get confused when selecting the perfect sunscreen? With summertime approaching I thought it appropriate to shine some light on this topic and try to “un-confuse” some confusions. With so many different product names, types, and numbers I feel like there must be a simple approach to these important products that protect us day in and day out.

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Hot Mess to Hot Mama

On average, women spend 41 minutes a day getting themselves ready – before motherhood. After having children, that number drops to 25 minutes. That’s a loss of 16 minutes (almost 40%) of primping time. Getting those 16 minutes back is nearly impossible – unless you’ve got a staff of nannies, chauffeurs, and chefs. But what I can help you with is making those 25 minutes worth your while. There are some quick and easy fixer uppers women can do to make a Texas sized difference. Even on your “mommy days” you can still look and feel like a mombshell. Read “Hot Mess to Hot Mama” to find out my top 5 suggestions.

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